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Who Is Jack Glaz

Jack Glaz is a one of our Web Development gurus. He was born in Detroit and grew up with his two younger sisters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jack graduated from University of Michigan with a BS in Engineering – computer engineering of course! After being out in the workforce for a few years, he want back to get a Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering. That’s where he met his wife, Julie.

He joined Schmidt in 1993 when he and Julie came to the Chicago area for her residency. They have been married since 1989 and have two growing children. Ian is 16 now, and like his dad, loves working with computers. Their daughter, Pheebs, is 15 and absolutely loves art. Jack can’t believe how fast time has flown by after having kids and says, “…be sure to take the time to enjoy them while they’re still home!”

They share their home in the suburbs with Ricky. He’s the beagle they got from the Humane Society and chose him because they wanted an “older dog” as they are not as easy to place. He’s been great and they most certainly will get their next one that way as well. Jack’s favorite job before coming to Schmidt was working on the manufacturing computer systems in a new assembly plant for General Motors.

That’s when they were creating the Fiero, if you remember that. He was busy working on manufacturing computer systems, emissions testing programs, and diagnosing barcode scanners. He had to be careful because there were forklifts speeding by all the time.